About us

The CVT Teachers Team is a free-standing collaboration consisting of Authorized Complete Vocal Technique Teachers Annika Holmberg (SWE) and Ville Laaksonen (FIN).
It was formed from a mutual passion for voice and music and a devotion to constantly developing themselves in order to maintain the highest level in their work. This by regularly updating their authorizations at Complete Vocal Institute in Copenhagen, taking part of other various research, vocal conferences and courses as well as questioning their own and other's beliefs about the voice. They strive to keep an open mind and to never stop progressing.

Annika and Ville both have deep knowledge and long experience with CVT as well as broad musical skills and experience from the music business and they have both become well-known and popular voice teachers in each of their countries. For more information about their work, visit their companies' websites: Annika: Vocal Soul Sweden, Ville: Laulunopetus Finland

The CVT Teachers Team’s vision is to contribute to finding out and spreading more knowledge about the voice, debunking myths, helping people to express themselves freely and to enable more joy with singing in the world!

Follow us on our journey and welcome to join in the discussion!

Photos: Ville - Saana Wang, Annika - Jessica Lund