Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Holding workshops at voice conference in Prague!

Hello Singers!

We still haven't told you about the exciting trip to Prague we made recently, but here it comes! The Pan-European Voice Conference (PEVOC) is a big conference for voice professionals from all over the world and is arranged every other year. This year it was held in beautiful Prague and the two of us attended as both participants and presenting workshops.

The subject of Annika's workshop was Complete Vocal Technique - Effective and healthy practice methods for singers - and combined the learning and training methods from CVT as well as from the field of Psychology (especially Sports Psychology). Ville presented on Artistry (- What is it and how to teach it?) and his workshop also included a group assignment and a collective discussion of the subject.
We were delighted that our workshops and themes attracted such interest and audience and inspired many interesting discussions and new acquaintances.

Annika's workshop at PEVOC about CVT and Sports Psychology
The program of the conference was full of interesting subjects and presentations. Apart from keynote lectures there were about six different subjects overlapping all the time so it was often hard to decide where to go and what to listen to. Some highlights for us were Ingo Titze's keynote, Cathrine Sadolin and Julian McGlashan's CVT related presentations and research on high soprano flageolet made in the Freiburg Musicians Institute medicine lab.

The wonderful thing about these conferences is that it brings together people who share the same passion for human voice even if they come from very different backgrounds. So singing teachers, voice doctors, and all different kind of scientists gather and share their ideas. We believe that it is essential to alter yourself to new thoughts and points of view, especially those contradicting with your own thinking. These collisions will produce new, improved thinking.
Ville's workshop about Artistry - what is it and how to teach it
The schedule was tight but thankfully there were also evening activities arranged (like dinners :) )so we got the chance to get acquainted with other participants.
Next Pevoc will be arranged in Florence, Italy in 2015. We're already looking forward to it!

Ville & Annika

Finish participants gather for a group photo.
(Ville in the top row!)

Annika holding a CVT workshop at Pevoc.
People gather along the walls as the seats are full. 

Voice Researcher Johan Sundberg with Annika & Ville. 

Ville with Camilla and Cathrine from CVI

Annika with Cathrine and Kristoffer from CVI