What is Complete Vocal Technique?

Complete Vocal Technique (CVT) is a pedagogical system for understanding and use of the human voice, created by the Danish Singer, Vocal Coach, Researcher and Author Cathrine Sadolin.

Cathrine Sadolin has spent more than 25 years researching the voice and her work has resulted in a mapping of all sounds the human voice can produce and techniques for how to produce them in a safe and healthy way

CVT is a resolution with old myths – ALL sounds can be produced in a healthy way.

Immediate results can be achieved as the techniques are very concrete and contain numerous tools to suit all perferred learning types and individual needs.

(C) Complete Vocal Institute
CVT is ground breaking as it is a completely new way of looking at and dealing with voice training. It consists of 4 vocal modes that exist in all voices: Neutral, Curbing, Overdrive och Edge, which in different combinations covers singing of all styles – from classical – through pop, rock, jazz, musicals and folk music – to the roughest heavy metal, as well as for speech
CVT offers practically usable solutions for specific problems and wishes. It also contains the knowledge of how to sound both trained and untrained in a healthy way as well as how to safely produce effects like distortion, growl, vibrato, breaks, screams, creaks, huskiness och ornamentations without harming the voice.

When one understands and can manage the rules of each of the 4 vocal modes, it is possible to obtain control over the voice. This means that everyone can learn to sing and that so called ”tone deaf” people do not exist.

CVT offers solutions for voice problems and injuries, as these in 90% of the cases are a result of misuse of the voice which can be resolved through knowledge and use of the basic principals of healthy voice production and the 4 vocal modes. An overview of the 4 vocal modes also enables Singers to endure demanding tours and to use ”Emergency Aid” – a programme designed to repair a hoarse sounding voice just hours before a concert or studio recording.

CVT is based on and continously updated with the latest research on vocal technique and is addressed to everyone who is interested in the voice – professionals as well as beginners, wind instrument players, doctors, speech therapists, teachers and anyone with voice trouble or a wish to develope their voice.

CVT is described in Cathrine Sadolin's book and sound library "Complete Vocal Technique". The book has been called ”the Bible of singing”, recommended by doctors and speech therapists and has become a great international success with translations to several languages.

Cathrine Sadolin

Singer, voice researcher, vocal coach, author, composer and founder of Complete Vocal Institute, Copenhagen

Cathrine Sadolin has distiguished herself as one of the worlds leading voice reseachers and vocal coaches. Her research transversely through all styles, combined with her own experience as a professional Singer, both within the classical field and for example rock music, has created new thinking in voice pedagogy.
Since 2005, Catherine Sadolin runs Complete Vocal Institute in Copenhagen which rapidly has become Europe's largest education centre for singers with students from all parts of the worlds.

Cathrine Sadolin (C) Complete Vocal Institute